Lisa Lingwood

Lisa Lingwood is a qualified barrister, professional mediator, and facilitator, specialising in conflict resolution.

Having spent several years at the Bar, Lisa is now a full-time mediator and has a busy practice as mediation is an ever-increasing proven method of dispute resolution.   

Lisa is a strong advocate of using mediation in conjunction with or as an alternative to litigation. 

Lisa also firmly believes that mediation has a much wider purpose than just dispute resolution. It can also be instrumental in facilitating conversation and bringing about positive change. To that end, Lisa works with a variety of private individuals in her work as a family mediator and elder mediator and as a workplace mediator with organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. 

Workplace Mediation

Mediation has become an indispensable tool in dealing with workplace disputes.  Without intervention, conflict can be very costly, very time consuming and potentially damaging. Mediation offers the chance to seek resolution in an informal and confidential manner by focusing on finding solutions in each individual case.

Elder Mediation

Elder Mediation is future planning for all the family, while putting the elder person(s) to the fore of the conversation. Talking about aging is never easy but having that conversation with the help of a trained mediator reduces uncertainty, confusion, tension and importantly, reduces the potential for family fallouts or disputes.

Family Mediation

The breakup of a relationship is never easy, and it is understandably a process that many people find difficult to navigate. Every situation is unique and, regardless of whether parties are married,  cohabitating, or heterosexual or same-sex couples, mediation is worth considering as it allows people to focus on finding the best solution to their own situation. 

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Workplace Mediation

We used Lingwood Mediation to resolve an ongoing workplace dispute and we were so glad we did.

This was taking up a lot of my time and it was causing a lot of disruption in the company.

Once we contacted Lingwood Mediation, Lisa quickly met with us and took the time to understand the situation and really worked hard to resolve the situation. She was able to look at it from a neutral and objective perspective which was of great assistance.

We were very impressed by the gold standard service offered by Lingwood Mediation and have used Lingwood Mediation on more than one occasion since.


Business Owner

Elder Mediation

My mother was unwell, and I was having a hard time in bringing the family together to decide what to do. I was finding the situation very stressful, worrying, and frustrating.

Lisa really took the time to engage with us.  She listened to each one of us carefully and understood all our concerns. She also helped us communicate better with each other.

She did not rush the process and she gave us the time to explore all possibilities and to look at all the decisions that needed to be made in a clear and concise way.

She empowered us to come together as a family and to make all the necessary choices. Thanks to Lisa, we have put a plan in place, to help with mum’s care. Mum is much happier and so are we as a family.


“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”

Albert Einstein